Nancy Belly Dance

Nancy is an exotic belly dancer.She is doing oriental belly dance oryginally from Egyptian and Lebanon in the sound of the greatest hits of arab music. The artist has been giving shows in prestige night clubs in United Arab Emirates since last four yours :

- Intercontinental Hotel Abu Dhabi
- Sands Hotel Abu Dhabi
- Mafraq Hotel Abu Dhabi
- Hilton International Hotel Abu Dhabi
- Sheraton International Hotel Abu Dhabi

She was educated in famous dance schools in Paris and Istanbul working with the greatest in business. Her shows leave big impression on vievers. Beauty and fashion of her stage dress , As well as her own beauty and dynamic of her performance leaves an everlasting impression.

Nancy`s belly dance could be an interesting part in standard shows like weddings, balls, parties, etc.

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Every member of party organized by us can transform themselves and expieriencce the dream of 1001 Nights.

Nancy Singer

Wioletta the vocalist is having in her repertoire many songs of the biggest modern arabic music artists

oriental songs singer 

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Marsuli el hob (Hasna) - singing Violetta play
Aishallak (Elissa) - singing Violetta play
Akhasmak Ah (Nancy Aghram) - singing Violetta play
Al Ayoun (Rashed Al Majed) - singing Violetta play
Yay (Nancy Aghram) - singing Violetta play
Men yougul (Rashed Al Majed) - singing Violetta play
Saharni (Najwa Karam) - singing Violetta play
Sammy (Mohammad Abdoo) - singing Violetta play
Tamali maak (Amr Diab) - singing Violetta play
Ya Salam (Nancy Aghram ) - singing Violetta play


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