Music band "Walter Band" was founded in 2007. It has been formed by musicians each having many years of performing experience on stages throughaut Poland as well as abroad. Our music repertoire is very extensive, both in Polish and English language and our performances are supported by the highest quality sound system and music instruments trade by world renowned firms (such brands as Fender, Gibson, B-52 Professional Sound System, Shure,T.C.Electronic, Sony, Yamaha).
We offer professional music entertainment for such occasions as First Night Balls, weddings, banquets, school dances, other music events.


Band members:
Waldemar - (guitar, programing of music, music arrangement), guitarist with long-time experience as a performing musicians in Poland and other countries. He cooperated with the famus band "WANDA I BANDA", Janusz Koman "THE KOMAN BAND", Marek Raduli (BUDKA SUFLERA, WANDA I BANDA, and other famus bands), Ewa Wanat (NOVI SINGERS). Winner of many group and personal awards in prestigious national music contests. While working with the bands FLASH and APOGEUM (golden ten at the ROCK MUSICIANS FESTIVAL, Jarocin 83´, OPEN ROCK FESTIVAL Krakow, JAZZ JUNIORS FESTIVAL Krakow, O.M.P.P. 86´ Katowice Bowl. Waldemar has been giving concerts with British and American performers for the past 14 years in Bahrain ( Kingdom of Bahrain - a country at the Persian Gulf)

Aleksandra - (guest vocalist) - graduate of the Department of Jazz and Stage Academy in Katowice. She was awarded at the Artistic Song Festival in Rybnik, and was a choir singer at the Music Theatre in Gliwice. She received contracts to perform abroad in Bahrain and to entertain on board of American cruisers "Grandeur of the seas" and "Explorer of the seas". One of her artistic accomplishments was taking part in a popular TV Show in Poland "SZANSA NA SUKCES" that promotes young promising singing talents. Another TV program to which Aleksandra was invited was "IDOL".

Wioletta - (vocalist) - singer,exotic dancer gifted with a beautiful quality of singing voice and endowned with a uniqued look - characteristics that unquestionably give special attractivnes to her performances. Worked with many well-known artists in different countries and performed in internationals hotels in Arab Emirates

Waclaw - (guest musicians) - saxophone - (soprano,alto,tenor,clarinet),unusually talented musicians valued by other great artists on the music market in Poland.Together with the Alex Band (Aleksander Maliszewski) participated in National Festival of Polish Song in Opole, International Singing Festival in Sopot. For many years active in the renown jazz band "Sami Swoi". Worked with well known show groups in Germany.Has made several records with "Alex Band"

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